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organized on Feb, 2005capital of KRW 300million,20 special staffs,based on star career, star casting

Star Career Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Capital: 300 million Won; No. of staff: 20

It is operated with Models and Actors database based on the webs such as Star Career and Star Casting using the communication.

STARCAREER is the global agency for models and actors under the catch phrase of multinational global strategy in the fragmented and professional entertainment industry.
We has the philosophy of new, fresh creation and innovation and the reasonable entrepreneurship and proper trust.

We run the web based Model Actor (DB) based on Star career and Star Casting centering on the communication and has the close relation with the broadcasting networks such as KBS, SBS, MBC, EBS, M-NET and KMTV) and movies (production) and CF production. We are young and passionate.

In addition, STAR CAREER conducts the businesses related to the domestic and overseas models, actors, singers, choreographers and other celebrities putting emphasis on the promise with clients does the fast businesses. Please give us your love and interest.

services overview
STAR CAREER Model Agency is an agency different form those which provide the models only.
We provide not only the supply of models but also the management of models. We also conducts the advertisement in many media such as paper, online and drama) and enter into the overseas marketing field. In addition, we are planning a lot of new fields.